Matt Prater


Matt Prater

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Boone and Walker

came to Kentucke, full

of green and groaning,

to cut up country roads

the Shawnee had already cleared

some centuries before. But what of that?

The right fight feeds us.

The dense thicket of failure?

That works, too.

It is like this when we do

what has already been done for us.

Still, if Israel wants a king,

with all the complications

theretofore, Tecumseh and Boone

will lose to Saul and Jackson,

and nobody will be happier,

and God is going to sit up there

until somebody finally shuts up,

which I don’t expect will come

that soon, knowing how much I like

to say I discovered my own soul

and cut away the weeds

until all that remained was

David with a hard green butt.

Matt Prater

Currently an MFA candidate in poetry at Virginia Tech, Matt Prater's work has appeared in A New Ulster, Crannog, The Honest Ulsterman, The Moth, The Curlew, and Cordite Poetry Review, among other publications. He lives in Saltville, VA (US).