Maureen Hill

Lough Shore

Maureen Hill

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Breeze on my face

I join the dog-walkers, cyclists, strollers,

taking the afternoon air,

the familiar path along the shore.

Blue light,

a clear birdless sky,

a daylight moon,

white buildings across the lough

are pearls reflected in the water's dazzle,

the brilliance flows out to the open sea, the beyond.

I am walking on the edge of radiance,

lifted into another breathing,

a Blakean light,

time slows,

strangers greet me

with the gaze of angels,

a tree full of sparrows

is an illustration in a Day Book,

a prayer in praise

of this grace,

this miraculous



Maureen Hill

Maureen Hill is a retired schoolteacher living in Belfast.  She is a member of Shalom Writers Group and The Seamus Heaney Centre Writers Group.  She has published poems in several anthologies and magazines such as  Abridged, The Stinging Fly and The French Literary Review.  She is working towards a first collection.