Yuan Changming

Listening to the Mountain Murmuring

Yuan Changming

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Twenty minimeters of pink petals.

Twenty minimetres of stretch and reach

                      Floral foil, twenty minimeters

                                 Of soil, grass, dew, bush

Sitting in green meditation about

                        The balance between yin and yang

Myriad of leaves,

                       Falling down with mists

            Of last night approaching – twenty minimeters

Of ethereal presence, kissing

                        The thick ridges – is the soul

             The melody of equanimity?

Insects sloughing off

In chameleon-rhythms.

             You stopped as you heard them

Twenty minimeters of dandelions rolling against

                        The vastness of sky and mountain

Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming, nine-time Pushcart and one-time Best of the Net nominee, started to learn English at age 19 and published monographs on translation before moving out of China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Changming currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver, and has poetry appearing in Best Canadian PoetryBestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1259 others worldwide.