Shane Vaughan

LiMBO Part 1 - 4

Shane Vaughan

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LiMBO (1): The Space Between

even when we touch

hand to hand

my finger to your thumb

there is a space

the oil of us slips

into the round groove

of identity

prints a change of tack

as ridge and valley crack

even when we say

I’ll hold on till last gasp

there is a definite



LiMBO (2): Hollow Chest

//sound will////////////////////

//////////////not take//////////

///////to emp//////////////////

////////////////ty space////////

//is that///////////////////////

//////////////why i///////////

///////hear you ///////////////


//do you//////////////////////


///////in hol/////////////////

////////////////low chest?///

///i am here

/////i am here

///i am here

/////i am here

///i am here

/////i am here

LiMBO (3): Take care

part i,

If I take your name on my tongue and peal the build of you off the sound 

you make does it change who you are / if I speak your name with an accent / a long 

curve of y / a throaty ache / does it make you / if I swallow every noise are you 

mine / if I whisper into the darkness : are you there?

part ii,

And when the plane lands will you feel close to me then / or is this another 

one of those times when space is not equal to distance squared / but inversely 

proportional to all the words we’ve locked away / We can’t bear to look at the 

quivering luminosity of our private chats / when we know as soon as I step into 

your room the truth will out itself as a proud man / standing on the street corner / 

yelling at no one in particular.

LiMBO  (4): Carrying

Sound is but vibration

Carrying information

Passing on the message

I love you I love you I love you

Shane Vaughan

Shane Vaughan is a writer of poetry, prose and plays. His work has been published in Silhouette Press, Poetry NI, The Pickled Body, Unbroken Journal, Roadside Fiction, Silver Apples and elsewhere. In 2015 his play, Jacqueline, ran in the Cork School of Music. He runs Stanzas: an Evening of Words, where he publishes a chapbook of new writing every month and is a board member of The Limerick Fringe which debuts March 2017. 

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