Matt Kirkham

Kurt Gödel As An Atlantic Brant Goose

Matt Kirkham

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Give me the waters of the moon that lie –

“Take your time,” she says, “and figure this out:

why if sand is so fine does this hourglass take

two weeks to run down?  They call it after water.”

− and if they were truly water, not true dust,

I would lift them and pour them down

on the autumn lanes’ dust till the lanes

were waterlogged with words for water, air-nursed

before the geese return to land on water

and the air-nursed swallow leaves.  Write in dust

that water is just a word, like the moon,

a mirror, a world that is not the world.

Matt Kirkham

The Lost Museums (Lagan Press, 2006) won the Strong Prize for best first collection in Ireland. Aged Fourteen My Grandfather Runs Away To Sea won the inaugural Iota iShots competition. Work anthologised in The New North (Wake Forest University Press, 2008) and Landing Places (Dedalus, 2010). 2014 recipient of Arts Council NI ACES award to complete a collection based on the life and ideas of mathematician Kurt Gödel. Poems due in Stand, Spring 2015.