Frank Farrelly

In the Birdless Sky

Frank Farrelly

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The alder quavers in the death

throes of the storm. I spy a

rupture in the privet wide enough

to let a dog, or two, or dozen in,

and of the fiercest breed

to pillage plants piss against

the garden shed attack the house,

then I recall the wire fence

two feet high and taut along

the length and feel secure,

though not impregnable

for yesterday a catfish landed

on a sunken car and sea-wrack

blocked the water-pipes

and driftwood crossed the promenade

and rock stood in the path of gazers

come to view the aftermath

-aware the wall will be

re-fortified with sturdy stone,

and blind, unblinking faith.

Frank Farrelly

Frank Farrelly is a teacher from Waterford, and have had poems published in The SHOp, The Stinging Fly, Fish Anthology, Crannog, Revival, The Stony Thursday Book, Boyne Berries, Poets Meet Politics and Poets Meet Painters. He was shortlisted for the Writers Spirit Award 2010 and won 2nd Place in the Doolin Poetry Prize.

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