Todd Rudy


Todd Rudy

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The highway creases the hills.

A dim bus sways

its passengers to sleep

while tires hum their distance

through the floor. An arm

dangles in the aisle,

a blanketed baby feeds.

No one’s bothered by

the overhead light

burning in its socket

above her seat, gold

against her open palm

and gift book she bought

instead of a drugstore lunch:

Palmistry for Beginners.

Diagrams display

a template future. Lines

of text guide her past

every double-stitched

page humbly explaining

head, heart, life.

She makes a fist, deepens

avenues of fate,

then opens it again

to trace trajectories

that seek the end of flesh,

merge with fingerprints

that swirl into themselves

and vanish, like tired stars,


that dwindle down to nothing,

narrow as the asphalt

miles of hours ahead

where a paper-cut

horizon bleeds the sun.

Todd Rudy

Todd Rudy holds an MFA in creative writing from Cornell University and works as a proposal manager in the power generation industry. He is sending this work from a small historic "mill village" neighborhood called Clarkdale, Georgia, where he live in an 83 year old house with his wife and three cats.