Majella Haugh

Going Off Grid, mandelstam v the State & From a distance

Majella Haugh

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off grid

silencing rings

burying vibrations

without friends

without certain complications


but not public or private

building a space

installing a wider reality

hearing clearly

undigitised nuances

as ten fingers grip

wood bone and flesh

and a mind pliable

adapts its software

to forage



out of contact

completely connected

mandelstam v the State

looking at you

sitting with your friends

but not friends

those sneaking down the backstairs

with copies of you tongue-print

emptying (like a machine gun) every sound you have made

into metal waste buckets

even ripping up your silences

then they come for you

your accusers

drip feeding the blood of eyes witnesses

into a gaudy confession

showing the world slumped photos     the incarcerated you

crushed and crumpled

but now their time has passed

and we can all see

your black and white creations

your creatures

running free forever

in the siberian wilderness

From a distance

your edges now seem smooth

the pulse in your neck almost even

the hole punched in the plasterboard closing

as I walk away

pushing through boxes of tired arguments

in the corner faded twisted scarves

sealed in bags from shops long closed

and lying on an antique chair

a pullover

once yours

then ours

now nobodys

Majella Haugh

Majella Haugh is a writer based in Limerick city.  Her work has appeared in Abridged, Limerick Literary Revival and Burning Bush 2.  She was also a finalist in the Desmond O'Grady International poetry competition.