Chris Jenkins

Fuchsia Curtains

Chris Jenkins

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In one of Belfast’s stranger manifestations 

as a post-conflict city, I’m watching the ex-commander 

wheeling his trolley around IKEA, his partner 

screaming at him from across the floor. 

The fuchsia curtains are only twenty-five quid 

and they’d match the bed linens perfectly

He struggles to U-turn his trolley, knocking into

a stack of boxed Räcka, a curtain/rod combination,

a black or white steel product requiring assembly.

His brows furrow as he manoeuvres with the weight

of lampshades, kitchen utensils, and bathroom

accessories in block complimenting colours.

I don’t know why this is strange, is this

not exactly what our peace agreement promised:

normalisation, investment, commercialisation,

and cheap mass-produced furniture?

Sunday afternoons become bargain hunting

and the pursuit of coherent interior design.

Chris Jenkins

Chris Jenkins comes from Belfast. He works as a public health researcher and has been previously published in Panning for Poems, FourXFour (Pen Points Press), and Freckle. His work was shortlisted for the Fourth Annual Bangor Poetry Prize as part of the Aspects Literature Festival 2016. Chris can be found on Facebook at and Twitter at @ChrisJenkins90