Maeve O'Sullivan

Fruit Fly

Maeve O'Sullivan

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Although colourful,
you are not very bright.
I watch as you delicately follow

your brothers on a journey
from the rim of a wine glass
into the apple cider vinegar.

Even the sight of your siblings
(lifeless in what might be urine)
does not deter you.

I say a mantra for your demise
but I won't miss you and the cloud
greeting me at the fruit bowl

on an autumn evening, as I fix
myself a tasty dinner, maybe crack
open a bottle of white.

Maeve O'Sullivan

Maeve's fourth collection, Elsewhere, will be launched by Alba Publishing in Dublin in November 2017. Most of the work in the new collection was inspired by a worldwide trip in 2016/7, and it's the first of her collections to mix long and short-form poetry, along with some haibun, a form which combines prose and haiku.