Maria McManus


Maria McManus

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Is that you I hear singing?

Are you untangling your hair?

                A Finch is matching you note for note.

                She has taken a place somewhere high up,

                out of sight, near the eaves of your house:

                its bricks the meticulous graft of long-dead bees;

                a petrified eerie –  a catacomb

                shuttered against the blue sky, the distant spring,  against

                the satisfaction of everything longed-for, rendered impossible,

                but longed-for just the same.

Hold out. Anything else concedes.

There is no sign of rescue, that’s for sure.

It may well be you are forgotten,

barricaded, separate.

All evidence points to that,

and for all we know

 it might be permanent.

Know this then. Know that you still occupy

some small forgotten corner of sweetness.

Know this – you still have light. Know this –

           The Finch is matching you note for note.

           She is staying out the winter

           somewhere high up, out of sight,

           near the eaves of your house.

Maria McManus

Maria McManus is a poet and playwright. She based in Belfast.  Publications include Reading the Dog, The Cello Suites and We Are Bone, all published by Lagan Press. She is currently in receipt of an ACES Award from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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