Simon Leyland

Efficient dreaming

Simon Leyland

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Whispering in the stairwell

What are you doing on this earth?

And where are you going?

Though the guests are still arriving

The party is not over

We will soon be in the mind

A mental picture to be replayed

In the last remaining cinema where one can still smoke

Certain fading embers exchange

Flavours in the dark

Recalling how they once ignited

Why was no verdict reached yonder far bridge

Where dice were cast and sun set

So many ice flows ago

In an extinct foundry

Almost too good for Prometheus

Ezra Pound was there

His surrealist wonderboy girlfriend emerging

From three halcyon weeks behind drawn curtains

There is no fog

This is September 1954

His favourite time of year

He wrote an ode to it, many pages

An autumn almanac where we now all live inside

On the other side of the tracks

A little goes a long way in folios

Dedicated to the vernacular

Footnotes, someone is coming

Parallel lives and usage of Rome

Voices from the antiphon overleaf

Cicero is just a boy reading a verso

A treachery in the letter S

Élans and natural histories in pagan antiquity

Finds effort is ever more crucial

The necessary verso of the entire plane became largesse

Weather became more clement

A hollow body made of felt

Mutatis mutandis

Towards the flat bank

As with uncertain decisiveness he shimmered forth

Behind which

She disappeared on a funicular

Simon Leyland

Simon Leyland lives in Connemara and has had three collections of poetry published with Erbacce  and appeared in Versal,  Salzburg Poetry Review, Moth magazine and others