Ross Jackson

Bali by Jetstar & Across a stony park...

Ross Jackson

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Bali by Jetstar

At breakfast in the hosed down garden

trinket hucksters out of sight

pye dog slinks by in mange attire

piped gamelan uploads              usual menu

dragonfly shadows swim length of pool

floated plates of golden lotus

high breasted silhouette

drifts of frangipani temple offerings

twin water buffalo plodding laps

conical hat steering our longer view

thigh deep in the warm coffee

of our stagnation.

At sundown we float

listless before the Cultural Show

just so many peanuts soaking

in poolside alcohol.

From our jungled verandah

bloated on Bintang and satays

hibiscus rosettes in our hair

we see on the resort courts

late night tennis

watch the hirers sweat; the corpse

of lyricism having been

already laid out beneath

an infinite afternoon. 

Across a stony park...

over the little wall          does she take time for those views of the sea 

notice colours, sounds, smells which change every hour?  

I’ve sat in the sun in her garden          watched her stroll between rows

of arranged driftwood and coloured glass


cycling together down beach road                I’ve got to know her odd socks 

green for starboard, red for port, as she tells it

I’ve been shown into the back shed              usually locked

withered flowers on the top of the little box

as gulls use sea breezes to keep       just out of reach

I wonder does she take some time to look

across the stony park, over the little wall

at the moving sea?

Ross Jackson

Ross Jackson is a retired school teacher and long term resident of Perth, Western Australia. He has had poems in many Australian literary journals and his work has also appeared in New Zealand, Ireland, England and soon to be, Canada. He writes about the experience of aloneness in the suburbs, about aging, the companionship of dogs, visual art and many other topics.

Ross has led an unexceptional life but he is not complaining. 

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