Moyra Donaldson

Apology To The Pike I Didn’t Mean to Catch

Moyra Donaldson

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Invited to throw a line into the water, I did,

but honestly, I never expected you

to take the bait; once you’d done that

I had no alternative but to reel you in.

You fought, bending the rod right back

unto itself, running for the reeds,

thrashing against the insult of the hook,

not giving in until exhausted, and even then.

You smelt of river, dank and green,

and drowning. I saw your teeth.

Our eyes met, predator to predator

on the river bank. My hands shook.

Set again into the flow, you swam back

to your proper place in the scheme of things.

Moyra Donaldson

Moyra Donaldson is an award winning poet from Co Down. She has published six collections of poetry including Selected Poems (2012), and The Goose Tree (2014) from Liberties Press, Dublin.  Also widely published in magazines and journals in both Europe and the USA, her latest project was a collaboration with photographic artist Victoria J Dean resulting in an exhibition and the publication  Abridged 0 -36 Dis-Ease