Maggie Ruth Smith

A Week on the Iberian Peninsula

Maggie Ruth Smith

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When the last

of the sun settled

under the sands

of Carvoeiro, after

she sank down

to sleep, lamb

under her arm, lips

pink with sea air,  you

and I dimmed

the lights in the white

washed living room, poured

the wine and ground

ourselves down

to tiny grains of blood-

red sand.

Maggie Ruth Smith

Maggie Ruth Smith was born and raised in Iowa. In 1993 she moved to New York City where she received her MFA at Hunter College. She moved to Ireland in 2003 where she was a founding partner and creative writing teacher at Big Smoke Writing Factory in Dublin. In early 2012 she moved back to the Midwest and is now living in Omaha, Nebraska with her daughter Lyla. She has published poems in the UK, Ireland and the US in publications such as Prole, Iota and Burnt District.