Welcome to the new HU issue

Posted in the February 2017 Edition

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Hello again. 

Welcome to the February issue of the Honest Ulsterman. It's been a traumatic few months in world politics with Brexit, Trump, 'Post-Truth' and 'Alternative Facts' coming to the fore. This issue reflects this with rumination on one way or the other all of the above. It's in the tradition of the HU to be aware of and respond to local and world events though given the deadly serious yet somehow absurd times we're living in there's also a touch of Abridged to this issue. Of course this is only a part of this issue. We have our usual host of interviews and articles on numerous topics and our featured artist is Dragana Jurisic (image above). As ever we would like to thank our writers/artist, our interviewees and those who submitted to our open submission call. We couldn't do it without you. 

Greg McCartney