The new HU issue!

Posted in the October 2016 Edition

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Hallo again,

Welcome to the new Honest Ulstermen issue. You'll find as usual some great interviews and features as well as some very interesting poetry and prose. The HU always had a tradition of having a myriad of opinion and views (often within a single issue) in its pages. We continue this tradition. Once again I have to thank all our contributors - our interviewers and writers, the interviewees and everyone who submitted to the open submission call, and everyone that helped to put this issue together - we couldn't do this without you. Needless to say even if you didn't make it into this issue I  hope you will submit again for the next. Anyway I hope you enjoy the October HU.

Greg McCartney, Editor

Image by this month's featured artist Aideen Barry: Aerosol, Single Channel digital video with sound, 2016.